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Should people from the US Mainland relocate and move to Puerto Rico?

My name is Mark Derho. I'm a small business owner and a local community advocate. I live and work in San Juan Puerto Rico.

"The Puerto Rican Flag’s Evolving Colors Say a Lot About the Island’s Relationship With Its Colonial Rulers"

Puerto Rican political identity is woven into the fibers of the territory’s flag, or flags. “It’s not only a symbol of national affirma­tion,” says historian Jorell Meléndez-Badillo. “It’s used as a symbol of resistance to colonialism.” Flags are how the oldest colony in the world imagines itself into nationhood.

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Mark Derho Go Home Gringo

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Hi, I’m Mark Derho (silly hat and sunglasses). I have been informed that when some natural-born Puerto Rican’s see me, they are seeing me as an interloper and a predator –  much like the Iguana lizard pictured above. 

While having some limited understanding of the suffering of the Puerto Rican people throughout a history of colonialism… I am not going home because I am home.

As an non-indigenous US expatriate, I also understand that many natural born Puerto Ricans are unhappy being a US citizen, and do not want the “foreign influence” of the United States. 

I also do not speak Spanish. And I am trying to learn some basic vocabulary and sentence structure. However, not speaking Spanish has caused me difficulties and has included me being insulted.  

Gringo Go Home

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