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Rising against the maltreatment and oppression of the Spaniards who governed Puerto Rico leading to a revolutionary movement in the town of Lares, the outcry known as “El Grito de Lares” for the independence of Puerto Ricans from their Colonist occupants

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El Grito de Lares

The people of Puerto Rico were living under tyrannical  rule imposed by the oppressive power of Colonial Spain. 

On September 23, 1868, Puerto Ricans had reached their limit and rose against the mistreatment and oppression of the Colonial Spaniards who ruled Puerto Rico. This Spanish tyranny lead to a revolutionary movement in the town of Lares, the outcry known as “El Grito de Lares”, and the creation of the first Puerto Rico Flag – signifying the independence of Puerto Ricans from their Colonist occupants. 

The First Puerto Rican Flag

During that time, the first concept of the National first Puerto Rico flag emerged, the flag of the revolutionaries, deeply symbolizing the ideals of the Grito de Lares revolution. Independence leader Ramon Emeterio Betances designed the first Puerto Rican flag, inspired by the design of the Dominican Republic’s flag due to the common ideal of being free from Spain and uniting to form the Antillean Confederation. 

The flag was embroidered by Mariela Bracetti. 

This was the first Puerto Rico flag was proclaimed the national flag of the Republic of Puerto Rico by Francisco Ramirez Medina, the first President.

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According to Luis Lloréns Torres, a Puerto Rican poet, and politician, the white star signifies liberty and freedom, the white cross signifies the yearning for Patria (Homeland) redemption, and the red squares stand for the bloodshed by the heroes of the rebellion. The original flag was celestial blue, locals still prefer the original color; all government offices use the navy blue version which is said was changed to match the American Flag, just as it occurred with the current Puerto Rican flag design. The original flag is exhibited a the Museum of the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras.

The current flag was officially adopted in 1952, but the history of the Puerto Rican flag began back in 1868.